Experience the Revolutionary Manual Cleaning Process

As a leading innovator in infection control and endoscope reprocessing, we're always striving for the best in class. This time we're revolutionizing your manual cleaning process with the SCOPE BUDDY™ PLUS Endoscope Flushing Aid. The SCOPE BUDDY PLUS Endoscope Flushing Aid helps create a consistent, reliable, and safe means to flush endoscope channels. It provides disposable tubing, increased data monitoring, and automated flushing modes to properly flush endoscopes.

  • Automatic Mode provides easy-to-use steps for a standardized and dependable flushing process
  • Continuous monitor the endoscope manual flushing process with the Track & Trace features
  • Reduce cross contamination risks by using 24-hour disposable tubing
  • Validated default flushing time for all major endoscope brands
  • Consistent, hands-free flushing replaces repetitive and labor-intensive flushing work

Explore Our Extensive Manual Cleaning Portfolio

Manual cleaning is essential in removing bioburden and preparing the endoscope for high-level disinfection. For optimal results, Cantel’s manual cleaning products and detergents are designed to be a critical first step to efficiently and effectively eliminating bacteria on endoscopes prior to reprocessing.

INTERCEPT™ Detergent, Foam and Bedside Kit

VERISCAN™ LT Automated Leak Detection System

SCOPE BUDDY™ PLUS Endoscope Flushing Aid