Whether you are using a Cantel product or service or are considering a new purchase, you expect and deserve quality service throughout your experience. Providing world-class technical support and customer service to ensure optimal performance from your Cantel product is our mission.

Technical Support

Cantel is dedicated to protecting you, your assets and your patients at all stages, and therefore we offer a comprehensive range of service and maintenance contracts to cover your needs after your Cantel installation including remote diagnostics support. As with any complex equipment, regular inspection and maintenance will help ensure the ongoing performance and compliance of your unit.

Cantel’s flexible service plans and maintenance contracts provide a variety of options to bring you peace of mind. Our experienced nationwide team of technicians provide regular maintenance necessary to keep your equipment in optimal performance and compliant with necessary standards and guidelines. Our program is designed to accommodate your need and take care of you all the way, ensuring your equipment is properly installed, maintained, repaired and running in top operating order.

If you are an existing Cantel customer and your equipment needs service, please contact our service department at


We provide on-site new equipment installation, start-up, clinical and operator training, support on-site go live and  training courses in our head office to ensure you understand your equipment and use the system to its fullest potential. Our training program, delivered by an experienced and comprehensively qualified team, will provide advice on equipment application, hands-on opportunities, and answer any challenges or concerns the department is facing.

Customer Service

We are here to help. Whether you need assistance with placing orders, answering product-related questions or connecting with the appropriate department, our bilingual customer service team will be pleased to guide you effectively in a courteous and professional manner. The team offers customer end to end support throughout the order management process and will implement any change necessary to support the Voice of the Customer.

Need help? Give us a call at 1-844-348-5636 or send us a message using the Contact page.