We take our role as your infection prevention partner seriously. As the circumstances around COVID-19 evolve, we are actively monitoring the situation, following the guidance from global health agencies and coordinating our response accordingly. As such, we are providing the following information:

Company Update

COVID-19 Update from Cantel (Canada) Inc.
President's message around product availability, business operations and our commitment

Cantel Announces Initiatives to Help Fight COVID-19
Company takes specific actions around mask and PPE production, product innovation and education

Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing and Product Availability
Necessary steps are taken to ensure minimum interruption to product supply

Product Guidance

COVID-19 Guidance for High-level Disinfection of Flexible Endoscopes

COVID-19 Guidance for High Level Surface Disinfectants

Statement on Isopropyl Alcohol Shortage and use in AERs

Our Disinfection Products

Actril™ Cold Sterilant
Ready-to-Use Hard Surface Disinfectant in Hospital Setting


Chemflex™ Refillable Dry Wipe System
Validated w/ Actril Cold Sterilant


Minncare™ Cold Sterilant
Peracetic Acid Solution for High-Level Disinfection


Dry Fog 2S Bio-Decontamination System
Area/Space Disinfection